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I'm Asha.

I have a profound passion for personal development and growth which is why I began my coaching journey in 2010. Helping people find happiness and success creates joy and success for me. My role is to listen, to teach, and to help you uncover answers, perspective and direction. You have a wealth of self-knowledge that can guide you in making decisions, understanding your emotions and pursuing personal growth. By recognizing and embracing your existing self-knowledge, you can gain confidence and make more informed choices in all aspects of your life.

My approach to coaching is characterized by honesty and collaboration. I incorporate somatic* work to complement a sincere curiosity about what brings you joy or hinders your happiness. Drawing from my own life experiences, I have specialized knowledge in leadership, ADHD, diversity and inclusion, and parenting. I am particularly enthusiastic about anti-racism initiatives and dedicate my spare time to volunteering and furthering my education with organizations focused on cultural diversity and anti-racism.

As a born and raised Calgarian and 1st generation Canadian I can relate to many of the boundaries people face today. I believe that empathy is my greatest strength. Early in my life I might have disagreed with that statement, but as I grow in my life and my coaching practice, I have come to rely on it as my superpower. It’s something that helps me to stand out as a unique person with so much to give.

I’m honoured that you have considered me as your personal coach and welcome the chance to be a part of your journey.

*Somatic work refers to therapeutic or self-awareness practices that focus on bodily sensations, movement, and mindfulness to address emotional, psychological, or physical well-being.



Challenging boundaries and discomfort to foster and maintain personal development and growth.


(1) Honesty and Humour: I believe in being open and transparent, while also finding joy and lightness in the journey.


(2) Diversity and Inclusion: As I continue to educate and train in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion it’s important to me that clients are welcomed into a space that embraces and celebrates differences, where everyone feels welcome and valued.


(3) Kindness: my life approach is with empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to support everyone around me.


I maintain an inquisitive and curious mindset that is free from judgment. I create a safe and inclusive space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and aspirations.

Mission Statement: Allyship

The cause that is closest to my heart is seeing the end of racism, as I guide my way through all of the horrific things that came before me, that I didn’t fully acknowledge or that I simply didn’t learn about I have found my way into a world of anti-racism.

As an empathetic person I found it terrifying to wade into what has been done to human beings throughout history, but with the simple and kind words from a friend I started ever so slowly to dip my toe in. My preferred method of killing my microaggressions and unconscious biases is through education. Learning about the true history of Canada and the world has created so much more understanding for me. It is decidedly nonconfrontational, which is kind of my thing… and it lends me tools to share this knowledge with my network, thereby growing anti-racism in my own way.

I also see allyship as something that transcends groups of people, to be an ally for racialized communities is to be an ally for 2SLGBTQIA and an ally for women and an ally for the neurodiverse et al. My belief is that to want equality for one group of people is to want and believe in inclusion for all. Just because I find myself drawn to anti-racism does not mean I don’t support the fight of other causes, it means that this one is my particular passion. I have found such amazing people on this journey whose hearts lay in other causes and we do not hold each other back or compete, we share ideas, plans, visions and sometimes sorrow, but most of all we share strength, resiliency and the encouragement to keep pushing the needle.

As such, it is my personal call to action that 10% of my annual overall income will be donated to Action Dignity (5%) and the Indian Residential School Survivors Society (5%). It is also my dream to support underprivileged communities through coaching in any way they need at either a discounted or pro bono rate.

Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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